Energy Healing


Ever since Reiki’s discovery over 100 years ago, it has been highly regarded because of how it helps people, animals, and other living things. When the Buddhist Monk Mikao Usui found this Japanese practice, he learned how to open Chakras and energy vortexes within the body allowing your own life force to flow, reaching meridians within as well as your aura around. When working with this practice the energy used doesn’t come from the therapist but rather it’s universal, so you could choose from hands on to distance healing based on your comfort level. Due to us channeling energy rather than changing our own reiki can never do you harm. Rather it helps any ailments you have from an underlying improper energy flow. Usually this disrupted or blocked energy then turns into tension in your chakras, leading to one of your bodily systems, and finally manifesting itself as a physical ailment.  So in every situation no matter the severity, we can accommodate your appointment to your specific needs so that Reiki best can help to improve your being!

60 Minutes       $50






Crystal Therapy

For thousands of years humans have been using crystals to help heal and protect themselves, with some legends like that of Atlantis or Maldek stating that they were used even millions of years ago. Currently crystals aren’t as used or appreciated as they have been in the past, but their medicinal properties are just as strong. Using these ancient techniques ,starting from an energy based level of therapy, I will be able to open any blocked or congested aura, vortexes, and chakras. This is so vitally important, because if you accumulate too much unfavorable energy and one of your chakras is suppressed, or even closed off it will start a nasty cycle within your body. This cycle starts as an area of disturbed energy within you, which then turns into tension in your chakras, affecting one of your bodily systems, and finally leaving you with a physical alignment. With crystal therapy I will be able to help you achieve a state of balance within your body and a free flow of energy throughout it. But how do these wondrous stones work to help you? Due to stones being crystalline solids and not amorphous solids like glass or plastic, they are able to send out constant pulses of energy. Amorphous solids have atoms that arranged randomly so that any energy pulses created don’t travel very far. But solids with crystalline structure’s are arranged with ties to their neighboring particles, creating a stable 3 dimensional structure and increasing the amount of energy that the crystal can release. This energy is then amplified when placed inside of our own magnetic field. Based on a crystals’ size, shape, color, texture, and minerals they can have different healing properties and impacts on certain individuals. I will work with you personally to give you the best treatment to help with physical ailments, illnesses, or emotional traumas utilizing a non invasive energy based healing for your body.


15 Minutes       $18 





Crystal Healing

I strongly believe in giving back to the crystals by also taking care of and treating them properly. These stones are just as affected by dreadful energy as we are. Due to these stones crystalline structures, the heat(energy) generated by their moving atoms is sent out in constant pulse’s. Based on each stone’s shape, size, color, texture, and minerals, they each have individual strengths for healing different ailments. But the negative energy they are around can influence the remedial pulses that they send out, turning them negative, and rewriting the energy code that the crystal originally had. This is one reason why it is so important to cleanse and charge any new crystals before bringing them into your home for you never know what they were exposed to before meeting you. The opposite could also happen if your crystals are frequently exposed to unfavorable energies, where instead of still functioning, they will become too congested to work. Therefore, as beneficial as it is to use crystals to help you, it’s just as important to help them back! I am absolutely ready to aid these wonderful crystals, either by you coming in to learn how you can care for yours or dropping them off to be cleansed, cleared, and charged by me personally. To ensure your crystals safety, your set will be placed in a marked case before and after their cleansing’s, staying separate from others. It will be available that you can pick them up at your convenience, just call first so we can retrieve your specific crystal friends! And thank you for giving back!


Crystal Healing       $30