Cupping and Medicupping


Cupping has been used by many different cultures for thousands of years. By using various methods, negative pressure (suction) was created inside the cup to draw things like snake venom and other toxins, as well as illness, discomfort, and harmful entities from the body. Cupping is making a come back as an alternative therapy option for many modern conditions. While it still holds true that negative pressure does work to draw toxins to the surface of the skin, it has also been proven that it has a decompressing quality which breaks up  adhesion’s and creates space in the tissues beneath the skin. This allows for improved blood and lymphatic flow to and from the skin,  relieves pressure on nerves, decreases muscle tension, and increases range of motion in a way that is non-invasive with minimal if any discomfort . The marks left by cupping are from debris (stagnant blood, toxins) which has been stuck in underlying tissue being drawn to the surface for removal by the lymphatic system. These marks are not bruises, and will fade away with-in minutes or up to a few days. Your therapist will go over your medical and lifestyle history, discuss the procedure, and answer questions prior to starting your session.

15 minutes    $30




Medicupping is the next generation of cupping. This alternative therapy uses the MC600 medicupping machine which gives you the benefits of traditional cupping and allows for better suction control during the cupping procedure. The ability to adjust the level of suction coupled with the frequency of suction gives your therapist the freedom to adjust treatment as needed. This therapy is fantastic for working on scar tissue and the adhesions that form underneath them, relieving tension in the surrounding tissue and “waking up” the compressed nerves. It can also be used to increase blood and lymphatic flow over large areas, which flushes out toxins and stimulates healing. Your therapist will review your medical and lifestyle history, go over treatment options, and answer questions prior to beginning your session.

15 minutes   $35


Head and Face Lymphatic Drainage


Our faces see it all! Every day toxins are absorbed through your skin,  whether through makeup, cigarette smoke, pollution…Then think about beneath the skin, clogged sinus passages, tense muscles from stress, scars from injuries…your face could use some lovin’!

Head and face Lymphatic Drainage will move the toxins out and bring a youthful glow to your skin. The gentle suction strokes will increase blood and lymphatic flow to and from the skin, relieve muscle tension, and stimulate sinus drainage. This  procedure pulls bacteria and infection that cause acne to the skins surface to be eliminated by the lymphatic system. The suction also works to  plump fine lines and wrinkles decreasing their appearance. This therapy is one our favorite self care techniques. It is relaxing, rejuvenating and can be repeated weekly!

30 minutes   $45